Digital Engineering

About us

Pioneering technical solutions for the energy and infrastructure industries

Digital Engineering applies advanced engineering and technical expertise to develop innovative services and products that support our clients in the energy and infrastructure industries. Founded by experienced professionals from the aerospace and defence sectors, our extended in-house team includes experts in meteorology, data analytics, engineering, geographical information systems, renewable energy and geo-physical sciences.


Our guiding principle is accuracy and, with this in mind, we have built our entire offering around high quality data and extensively-validated models which are trusted by a range of clients, including banks and investors for financing. This means you can be confident that, whether the information we provide relates to weather, site, technology or energy production, it is of the highest quality.


In any technical or engineering environment, it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking and technical advances. We aim to do more than that by regularly adapting and applying the latest techniques in order to deliver innovative products and services. This ensures that you will always receive the highest quality information available based on the most recent engineering techniques.


We understand that everything we deliver is ultimately required by our clients to help them achieve an end result. For this reason, we focus on providing solutions. All information is provided with context so you can understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in order to make informed decisions. We also offer an account-managed service to ensure you receive rapid response support for any queries you may have.

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