Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: EWT
Project: Getting the right turbine, in the right place with optimal energy yield

Netherlands-based EWT is a global designer and producer of utility-standard high performance gearless wind turbines, from 250kW to 900kW, which it supplies to wind developers, landowners, investment funds and communities. It has over five hundred operational turbine projects across North America, Europe and Asia.

Although wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers are providing the technology rather than developing the sites, they still have an obligation to ensure the technology will perform according to the manufacturer’s published power curve.

Digital Engineering produces Site Suitability Assessments for EWT to help identify the right EWT turbine for the individual development site. This gives the client confidence that it has provided its customer with a turbine that is best suited to their individual site, and will perform as expected, yielding optimal energy. This also gives EWT’s customers the confidence that they are fully covered under their turbine warranty and delivers them the best return on their investment.