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Case Studies

Client: Kinetica
Project: Reassessing wind speeds at rejected sites and optimising turbine locations at progressed sites

Kinetica is a UK-based renewable energy developer specialising in wind and solar projects.

One of the most significant challenges for any wind developer is to identify a list of potential sites with suitable wind resource and then deduce which of these sites will also conform to other planning requirements.

We worked with Kinetica to assess opportunities that may have been overlooked during its standard site prospecting process. Using WindClick, we looked at a number of sites that had been rejected in the early phases due to a number of factors including low wind speed. We identified that approximately 72% had wind speeds of 6 metres per second and 22% had wind speeds of 6.5 metres per second and above.

We also used Wind Click to look at 170 sites that had been rejected because of inadequate wind speeds. Of the 170 sites assessed we found that 47% had wind speeds of 6 metres per second and 1% had wind speeds of 6.5 metres per second and above.

A further element of the project involved us assessing the proposed locations for wind turbines at five sites that the developer had identified as having suitable wind speeds. We looked at an area of 250 metres around the proposed turbine location i.e. five individual Wind Clicks in each direction. The results demonstrated that by repositioning the turbine locations within the zone, the wind speeds increased, on average, between +0.3 and +0.6 metres per second. This equated to an average potential increase in project revenue, per turbine, across all projects assessed, of £30k per year, based on use of 500kW turbines.

WindClick used to optimise turbine siting