Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: National Grid
Project: Cost reduction in power transmission route upgrade

The National Grid owns and maintains the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales, balancing supply with demand on a minute-by-minute basis.

The customer was working on a power transmission route upgrade. As part of the preparation for the works, a diversion route needed to be designed and implemented. The client applied the industry standard methodology to conduct an initial assessment of the diversion route. This indicated that there were several different critical areas for the project as a result of potential adverse weather conditions. The remediation works required to mitigate the associated risks would have included ground laying conductors along several sections of the route at an estimated cost in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Digital Engineering screened the route using an innovative and validated approach which can provide tower-specific weather conditions at any location worldwide for any time period.

As a result of the accuracy of our analysis, the client reassessed the diversion route design and was able to avoid all of the estimated costs for remediation works.