Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: One Wind Renewables
Project: Gearns Farm


One Wind Renewables is a Bristol-based company that specialises in single wind turbine projects. It offers a risk-free opportunity to landowners with suitable sites, providing them with guaranteed rental income for their land. One Wind works with its partners to develop, construct and operate the wind turbines.

The client commissioned Digital Engineering to undertake an Operational Yield Assessment of one of its operational projects to ensure that it was delivering as expected. As part of this, we compared the original P50 and P90 energy yield estimates with actual operational data from the wind turbine to assess its performance.

Long-term (20 year average) monthly wind speeds were compared against the short-term wind speeds for each of the previous 12 months to identify high/low wind-speed months. Measured monthly production data was then used to calculate the expected long-term annual averaged energy yield by combining it with the long-term local reanalysis dataset. This was then compared to the predicted P50 and P90 figures, demonstrating that the measured output was in line with the original production estimates and that its asset was performing as expected.