Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: One Wind Renewables
Project: Successful financing of a £1million project for a 500kW turbine in Devon

One Wind Renewables is a Bristol-based company that specialises in single wind turbine projects. It offers a risk-free opportunity to landowners with suitable sites, providing them with guaranteed rental income for their land. One Wind works with its partners to develop, construct and operate the wind turbines.

We provided One Wind with a Wind Resource Assessment for a 500kW turbine which was registered under the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme. The report provided detailed information which enabled One Wind to successfully finance the project by raising £1million from Julian Hodge Bank. This was the company’s first successful fundraising venture with this bank.

Digital Engineering’s Wind Resource Assessment is bankable with most wind energy financiers and international banking organisations including, but not limited to, Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, HSBC, Close Brothers and Bridge & York. Our reports have been used to finance in excess of three hundred similar wind turbine projects, with a total value in excess of £500million.