Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: National Grid
Project: Predicting Overhead Line Asset Degradation due to Weather Exposure

Digital Engineering worked with the National Grid to demonstrate the application of an innovative approach for the prediction of asset degradation due to environmental exposure.


The project looked at characterising weather exposure and degradation rates for more than 3,500 assets across the country. The results were compared against 10 years of maintenance schedules and on-site observations.


Not surprisingly, assets with a higher level of exposure showed to be at the highest risk of damage. Increased exposure arised from a combination of factors including local weather characterisitcs, the type of landscape and mechanical properties of the assets themselves. Tens of Terabytes of information were generated and processed using our in-house high-performance computing system and were then analysed using a combination of high-resolution meteorology and big data statistical techniques.


Digital Engineering's technology accurately predicted more than 75% of all damages observed by the National Grid engineers on overhead line assets across the country.


The approach is now being used by engineers to optimise asset management strategies in order to increase system reliability and protect investment in the order of tens of millions of pounds a year.