Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: RM Energy
Project: Wind forecasting for turbine installation

RM Energy is a Scottish renewable energy developer with wind and solar projects across the UK. In May 2014, the company planned to install a wind turbine in Scotland. As with any construction project, the scheduling of each element of the install was time and cost critical.

The wind turbine’s nacelle was to be installed by a mobile crane.The daily hire cost was approximately £10k. For safety reasons, the crane can only be operated in wind speeds of less than 9.8 metres per second. In order to help the client plan efficiently for this high wind site, we provided a wind and gust forecast for the location. The analysis allowed RM Energy to book the crane for a single day and their installers were able to complete all of the work during the morning. This was critical since the wind speed increased as predicted during the afternoon and this would have delayed installation, significantly increased crane hire costs and delayed the project schedule.

An overview of the analysis that we provided is below.

Wind forecast results for Scottish site