Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: Royal Bank of Scotland
Project: Validation of Digital Engineering wind resource data against physical met mast reports

Royal Bank of Scotland’s technical advisors provide services to some of the largest funders of medium-scale wind projects. For the purposes of validation, they compared our simulated wind resource data with that from multiple sites which had been previously measured with the physical installation of met masts.

Royal Bank of Scotland provided us with the coordinates, turbine hub heights and start and end dates for the completed met mast wind measurement campaigns. We produced Wind Resource Assessments for each site, using our in-house weather feeds and bespoke forecast models.

"The agreement is very good.... the W90 applied by Digital Engineering to the sites is at a similar level to what we would expect to obtain via an MCP assessment using on-site data from met masts.
Lead Technical Advisor, RBS Technical Panel, March 2013

The results proved to be excellent, with 90% being within 0.5 metres per second of the physical results and 67% within 0.35 metres per second. These gave Royal Bank of Scotland a high level of confidence in our wind resource predictions.

Comparison results for the four sites assessed by RBS’s Technical Panel are shown below.

Aberdeenshire 7.1 7.2 0.1
Borders 7.3 7.4 0.1
North Lanarkshire 6.4 6.5 0.1
Perthshire 5.6 5.7 0.1

Validation sites