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Case Studies

Client: Simple Power
Project: Accurate and cost-effective wind project site selection process

Belfast-based Simple Power offer risk-free opportunities to landowners by providing them with regular monthly land rental income and, in return, developing, constructing and operating wind projects on their land. The company aims to build a portfolio of two hundred single wind turbine projects across Northern Ireland. Part of achieving this requires that it identifies the best sites, with optimal wind speeds, and the right terrain. This is particularly important in Northern Ireland as it has one of the most challenging landscapes in the UK which can impact the wind resource and the turbine.

Having identified more than five hundred potential sites, Simple Power needed an accurate and cost-effective process for screening them. The process needed to consider both the potential energy generation and the site suitability for each of the turbine installations. We delivered this by providing a Wind Feasibility Report for each potential site. The reports detailed information about the wind speed and long-term energy generation potential in each case, as well as including vital data related to the turbulence intensity, which was a crucial part of assessing the suitability of each site.

By including our reports in its process, Simple Power was able to shortlist optimal sites within its pipeline and fast track those that offered maximum profitability through to the development and construction phases.