Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: Simple Power
Project: Site suitability for informed turbine selection

Belfast-based Simple Power offers risk-free opportunities to landowners by providing them with regular monthly land rental income and, in return, developing, constructing and operating wind projects on their land. The company aims to build a portfolio of two hundred single wind turbine projects across Northern Ireland. Part of achieving this requires that it identifies the best sites, with optimal wind speeds, and the right terrain. This is particularly important in Northern Ireland as it has one of the most challenging landscapes in the UK which can impact the wind resource and the turbine.

Digital Engineering has worked with Simple Power on over 250 projects and we regularly supply a range of services, from feasibility to turbine procurement. We also provide Site Suitability Assessments which help the client to assess the site in relation to the most suitable turbine model from its provider, Vergnet.

Delivering reports of this nature helps both the developer and the turbine supplier to be confident that they are delivering the right technology, in the right location, and that it will therefore perform safely and effectively.