Digital Engineering

Case Studies

Client: WindTwentyOne
Project: Rooftop turbine installation

WindTwentyOne specialises in the production and marketing of latest generation, vertical axis wind turbines and, with its business partners, has launched a major internationalisation project to promote the production of electricity from wind across the Mediterranean.

The client commissioned Digital Engineering to undertake an annual review of one of its operational projects to ensure that it was delivering as expected.

We used computational fluid dynamics as part of the analysis. The resulting recommendation was that repositioning and changing the height of the turbine would increase its energy yield. WindTwentyOne acted on this advice and, as a result, the energy produced is over 30% higher than before.


Photograph of the northern wall of the main building (with HAWT mounted)

Main building geometry

Windspeed in a horizontal plane 7m above roof level, normalised by freestream velocity