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To develop successful tidal technologies requires an inherent understanding of the marine environment in order to develop prototypes robust enough to withstand it. These also need to be rapidly scaleable in order to generate the investment required for a full-scale demonstration project. We are experienced at using our understanding of resource and technology to help you develop optimal technology that makes good financial sense. To understand more about the services we can offer, please see below.


Resource & Energy Production Reports

Independent predictions to boost investor confidence

Although there are now tidal projects at various stages already producing energy, investors still consider the tidal industry as high risk because there is comparatively limited knowledge about the resource and how it may impact the technology long-term or during ramp events.

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Technical Due Diligence

Independent technical advice to mitigate technology, project and investment risk

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy technologies and projects is of equal importance to developers, lenders and investors.

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Design Engineering Support

Independent engineering support for all stages of the design process

Our Design Engineering Support includes a range of engineering services for the development, improvement and evaluation of innovative renewable energy systems.

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Our Industries


Jesmond Engineering

Optimising tidal turbine design for improved performance

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Andritz Hydro Hammerfest

Blade design optimisation for Meygen project

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Andritz Hydro Hammerfest

Tidal Resource Assessment at EMEC in Orkney

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