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Ensuring that your wind projects are performing as they should, with turbines not just available but also operating as efficiently as possible, is crucial for any project since it can have significant financial impact. We are used to combining our own weather data, with information from operational projects, and undertaking analysis to identify the root cause of any underperformance. We also deliver regular short-term forecasting for large portfolios to help maximise operational efficiency. For more information about the services that we can offer you, please see below.


Performance Monitoring

Regular performance monitoring to optimise operational projects

Financially successful wind projects rely on optimal energy production. Achieving this requires that any turbine is both available and operating as it should when the wind resource provides the opportunity to do so.

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Technical Due Diligence

Independent technical advice to mitigate technology, project and investment risk

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy technologies and projects is of equal importance to developers, owner operators and investors.

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Accurate forecasting for optimal operational efficiency and energy trading

As the volume of wind energy connected to the grid has increased, so has the need to make it behave more like conventional energy and this requires a greater understanding of when and where energy will be produced.

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Operational Yield Assessments

Increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term operational performance of your project

Using actual recorded output and availability data from the turbine we can calculate an adjusted long-term wind-speed and energy yield, giving increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term performance of your turbine.

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Energy Pro

Wind forecasting for Irish wind farm

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RM Energy

Wind forecasting for turbine installation

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