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Whether you need accurate wind resource data, help to ensure that you get the right technology, in the right place, or want to understand whether an operational project is delivering as it should, we offer a range of services to help you. Our combined understanding of weather, technology, projects and markets enables us to provide you with unrivalled data quality and this is delivered with context so that you can optimise the return from your projects. Many of our reports are bankable and regularly relied on by banks and investors for financing. To learn more about the services that we can offer you, please see below.



Unrivalled wind speed accuracy on a 50m square pay-per-click basis

WindClick was developed by Digital Engineering to offer simple online, cost-effective access to the most accurate, highest resolution UK wind speed map on the market on a pay-per-click basis.

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Wind Feasibility Report

Accurate wind and energy estimates for assessing commercially viable projects

This is our second stage of wind assessment reports, designed to reveal the technical and commercial feasibility of the wind resource at your site. The report includes:

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Wind Resource Assessment

Investment-grade, bankable long-term wind resource and energy production estimates for finance

Based on our most accurate methodology, the Wind Resource Assessment report is the third stage of our wind assessment reporting.

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Site Suitability Assessment

Comprehensive report for financing, turbine procurement and site classification

The Site Suitability Assessment is the fourth stage of our wind assessment reporting. An extension of our Wind Resource Assessment, it is a bankable report and evidences that a specific site is suitable for the proposed turbine technology.

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Technical Due Diligence

Independent technical advice to mitigate technology, project and investment risk

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy technologies and projects is of equal importance to developers, lenders and investors. Whether the requirement is for a simple audit or a full review.

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Operational Yield Assessments

Increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term operational performance of your project

Using actual recorded output and availability data from the turbine we can calculate an adjusted long-term wind-speed and energy yield, giving increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term performance of your turbine.

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Our Industries


Simple Power

Site suitability for informed turbine selection

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Bridge & York Capital Partners

Collaboration on Operational Yield Assessments

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Getting the right turbine, in the right place with optimal energy yield

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