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Microclimate Assessments

Trusted microclimate assessments to support planning applications

Digital Engineering provides high-quality weather analysis to a range of clients in the civil engineering industry.

Digital Engineering has supplied hundreds of microclimate assessments with a total project value in excess of 500 million pounds. Drawing on this experience Digital Engineering is extremely well placed to work alongside your design team to provide credible and clear evidence of the impact of your development on the local area.

Should any problem areas be identified, Digital Engineering’s expert climate modellers can develop a mitigation plan to minimise the impact of your development.

Digital Engineering combines many years of experience in weather analysis and state-of-the art weather forecasting tools with validated microclimate models (virtual and physical) in order to provide high quality microclimate assessments to planners, architects and civil engineers. The use of accurate assessment techniques can help to satisfy planning authorities that microclimate impacts have been appropriately assessed and any potential impacts mitigated.

Key Services

  • Wind impact assessments
  • Air quality assessments
  • Design and validation of wind mitigation schemes                
  • Daylight/sunlight impact assessments
  • Thermal comfort impact assessments


  • Minimise planning risk
  • Plan your project effectively
  • Cost effective


Example - Wind Impact Assessment of new development in red. Coloured maps of pedestrian comfort bands (red not suitable).

Baseline + New development (red)

Baseline case

Baseline + New development

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