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Operational Yield Assessments

Increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term performance of your project

Using actual recorded output and availability data from the turbine we can calculate an adjusted long-term wind-speed and energy yield, giving increased accuracy and certainty of the long-term performance of your turbine.

Operational Yield Assessments can be used to determine turbine under performance, or to monitor how well a site is performing against the initial wind-speed and power estimates, as well as meeting the technical and financial due-diligence stages of a site acquisition or refinance project.

Our Operational Yield Assessments are based on our highly accurate and bankable wind assessment methodology and utilise availability data and power-curve analysis as well as the recorded output data from the turbine.

Detailed Operational Yield Assessments also use a more advanced methodology that incorporates detailed 3D CFD models of the site. This process can increase the accuracy and certainty of the revised power output estimates and reduces the variation between the P50 and P90 figures.

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