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Solar Banks/Investors Refinance Report
Refinance Report

Operational project review for smart refinancing decisions

Renewable energy projects carry inherent risks from a financier’s perspective; these are primarily associated with the project’s anticipated performance and financial return over a period of time. During the initial financing, these risks are mitigated by high quality Resource and Energy Production reports.

Once a project has been operational for a year or more, landowners and developers often apply to refinance projects to improve their loan terms. Achieving this requires evidencing that the project has delivered as initially estimated, and will either continue to do so, or outperform initial projections.

Our Refinance Report is based on our Resource & Energy Production Assessment methodology, which is trusted by banks and investors for initial financing. It adopts the same methodology but incorporates twelve months’ or more actual production data to deliver long-term solar irradiance and energy production estimates for a project.

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