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Extreme Weather Analysis

Unique tower-specific weather data for transmission and distribution overhead line design and upgrades

Weather conditions can present significant challenges to transmission and distribution companies. Better understanding of weather impacts can improve design, planning, safety and, ultimately, costs. To be really effective, any weather data used to inform decision-making needs to be highly accurate and achieving this requires that it is tower-specific.

Identify cost-saving opportunities on overhead line projects and highlight areas of increased weather risk

As part of the weather analysis, we report on the wind and icing characteristics at every tower location of the overhead line route. Our customers use this information for the identification of cost saving opportunities on foundations, steel works and labour. Also, the tower-specific nature of the data, enables development teams to make informed decisions on the risks associated with weather exposure and future weather risks for different spans across the route.


  • Understand weather impacts early in the project
  • Improve planning and costing
  • Increase safety
  • Deliver better design solutions
  • Easy integration with standard processes


  • Tower-specific wind and icing data
  • Tested on more than 1000 OHL towers
  • Uncertainty report available on request
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Delivered to your team in 2 weeks
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