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Site Suitability Assessment

Comprehensive report for financing, turbine sign-off and site classification

An extension of our Wind Resource Assessment, the Site Suitability Assessment also provides evidence that a specific site is suitable for the proposed turbine technology. As well as providing long-term 20-year average wind speeds and energy estimates for a project, the report includes information used for turbine sign-off, to ensure site classification according to IEC 61400-1. As a result, this is not only a financial-grade report, accepted by banks and investors nationwide, but it can also be used for turbine selection, with turbine suppliers relying on it to ensure that the technology that they provide is suitable for the site.

With no requirement for a physical met mast at the site, the wind speed and energy estimates within the report are calculated using our validated process based on 20 years of atmospheric wind data and high-definition 3D site models that correct the data using computational fluid dynamics. This approach allows us to include the effects of all the local features, like buildings and complex forestry which greatly increases the accuracy of our wind analysis.

In addition to the standard technology loss adjustments applied to the power estimates included in our Wind Resource Assessment, the Site Suitability Assessment also includes information related to characteristic wind turbulence, wind shear, Weibull shape parameter and extreme wind conditions at the site.

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