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Infrastructure Transmission Weather Risk Analysis for Asset Management
Weather Risk Analysis for Asset Management

Improved weather risk categorisation for optimal asset management

Better understanding of the historical performance of your assets with respect to weather exposure will allow you to optimise your ongoing operational costs. Weather exposure is a key factor on OHL asset degradation. We are working closely with customers to determine asset-specific wear indices and extend assets’ life by as much as 50%.

We can recreate historical weather events at any location in the world and provide you with key insights of weather impacts on asset condition, performance and defect history.


  • Increase asset life
  • Optimise asset management strategies
  • Identify and de-risk assets in areas of high weather exposure


  • 30 years of historical weather events
  • Location-specific weather data
  • Tested on over 5000 locations across the UK


Please feel free to get in touch using the contact details above for more information regarding our asset life analysis services.

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