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Instant Developer-quality wind speed data on a pay-per-click basis

WindClick provides the highest quality online wind speeds available, on a pay-per-click basis, for any 50m grid square location in the UK. It offers a vastly superior resolution and is based on much more reliable data than any other wind speed databases found online.

WindClick is the first stage of our wind assessment reporting. It is an instant site prospecting tool for Developers, Consultants and Independent Generators. It gives you immediate access to highly accurate wind-speed information so that you can find out straight away whether a project is viable and therefore avoid wasting valuable time and money.

WindClick also helps you understand the optimum location for a wind turbine on your site. The accuracy of the product has been tested by wind developers to reassess wind speeds at various sites, where the original assessment was undertaken using an alternative and less accurate product. WindClick proved that many sites that had been ruled out for low wind speeds could actually be progressed. It also showed how re-siting turbines within a site could achieve better financial results.

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Case Study

Aeolus Power

WindClick used to optimise site prospecting

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Case Study


Reassessing wind speeds at rejected sites and optimising turbine locations at progressed sites

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